Black and Brown Theatre’s “Luna Vacia” in Concert

Wednesday, June 26 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage

Genres: Musical, Folk Music, Spanish Music

Come on down to Top of the Park to enjoy the theatrical efforts of the Black and Brown Theatre, a non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities for artists of color and their communities through live performances, digital content, music, literature, and workshops. Since 2016 they have performed at schools, libraries, community centers, festivals, and theaters, carving out space for artists of color and creating meaningful experiences to entertain and educate. At A2SF they will be performing selections from Luna Vacía, a new all Spanish musical that tells a Caribbean folktale about the power of the moon and the greed that comes from the community misusing its power for their own benefit, reminiscent of the beloved classic The Giving Tree. The music incorporates a variety of genres important to Caribbean culture, from Latin pop and funk to R&B, reggaeton, Afro-beats, and soca music, an offshoot of calypso. The show may be entirely in Spanish but music and dancing are a universal language for all to enjoy! Come join the fun and learn something new at Top of the Park.

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