Thank You 2024 Season Donors

We extend our overwhelming gratitude to the individuals, families, and foundations who have helped to sustain the mission of A2SF. This list reflects donors whose gifts were received between 2/1/2023 and 2/1/2024. Donor recognition at A2SF.ORG and in the program guide is provided for gifts of $50 or more during the A2SF season following the calendar year in which your gift was made.


LUMINARY | $10,000+

Roger Pothus Estate
Michigan Arts and Culture Council
University of Michigan
University of Michigan Arts Initiative

VISIONARY | $5,000 – $9,999

Cheryl Barget
Kathy and Toby Brzoznowski
Louise and Andrew Chang
Charles and Julie Ellis
Wendy and Ted Lawrence
Erin McKean and Steve Sullivan
The Serras Family

ADVOCATE | $2,500 – $4,999

The Golden Family Fund
Lisa Granger
Martin Family Foundation
Bonnie Reece
Katie and Jeff Reece
Laurie and Tim Wadhams

LEADER | $1,000 – $2,499

Debra Aidun
Dharma and Devon Akmon
Anne Cooper
Margaret Couzens Crandall
Martha Darling and Gilbert S. Omenn
Ann and Hal Davis
Cynthia and Andrzej Dlugosz
Jillian Downey and Elph Morgan
Sandy and David Eyl
Jackie and John Farah
Dr. Lynette Findley
Shari and Dan Fisher
Marty Betts and Guillermo Flores
Maureen Foley and John Blankley
Judith and Paul Freedman
Elizabeth and William Frieze
Julie and Thomas Fritz
Megan Furman and Dr. William Thomas
Zita and Wayne Gillis
Maureen and David Ginsburg
Barb and Mitch Goodkin
Martha and Larry Gray
Bonnie and Larry Hagerty
Melissa and Jeff Hauptman
Steven Fisher and Holly Hein
Elizabeth and Rick Jarzembowski
The Jensen Foundation
Lettie Kempf
Connie and Tom Kinnear
Lynn and Harry Kurtz
Deborah Ladenheim and David Barnes
Francine Lafontaine and Robert Picard
Jean A. Lawton and James H. Ellis
Kathy Legatski
Lynch Family Fund
Betsy Yvonne Mark
W. Harry Marsden
Candice and Andrew Mitchell
Cindy and John Nixon
Gloria and Rick O’Neill
Lisa Patrell and Joseph Fazio
Perry Pernicano
Anuja Rajendra and Vijay Sankaran
Veronica McCarthy Saint and Sanjay Saint
Judy Schlanderer
     In honor of Charles Schlanderer
Annette and Peter Schork
Nancy and James Stanley
Ines and Eric Storhok
Kit Wanty Lambert and Adam Lambert
Karen Wood and Howard Cooper III
Karen Yamada and Gary Dolce

ENTHUSIAST | $500 – $999

Sue and Larry Adler
Steve and Ann Arbaugh
Christie and Tom Barrett
Lois and David Baru
Tracy Boyle and David Rivers
Mary and Jim Cambruzzi
Jenny and James Carpenter
Peter Fayroian
Peter Treiber and Erica Fitzgerald
Foundation of Education for Liberty
Karen and Al Gallup
     In memory of Stan Bidlack
Sandra Gregerman
     In memory of Lenny Kafka
Lauren Benson Hamerink and John Hamerink
Jane Hassinger and Marvin G. Parnes
Deb and Eric Helber
The Hume Family
Laura Jackson and Mark Clague
Laura Kaufman and Andrew Czapp
Paul Kazanjian
Sally Kennedy
Shari Kennett and RT Paullin
The Klinich Family
Michele Leshan and Steve Rubenstein
Maggie Levenstein and David Arsen
Loren Levy and Steven Mandell
Carolyn and Paul Lichter
Becky and Josh Matz
Rachelle and Mike Michelon
Dana Muir and Tracy Grogan
Dr. Kristin and Paul Nickodemus
Betsy and Ken Nisbet
Fola Odetola
     In memory of Theophilus Odetola
Katie Pelz-Davis
Sunny and Jay Sackett
Margaret Schankler and Steve Glauberman
Ingrid and Cliff Sheldon
Gail and Scott Weber
Jack Weidenbach
Dave Zarembka and Brad Burke

PATRON | $250 – $499

Adam Agranoff and Meenu Baxendale
Theresa and Brad Angelini
Karen and Timothy Athan
Cordelia Bacher Sweetland
Joann Barrett
Linda and Ronald Benson
Candice and Matthew Briere
Nicole Brittis and Randall Sung
Anne and Deron Brod
Cecile Burbridge and Richard A. Bowerman
Alma Rosa and Karson Carpenter
Ilene Carter
Susanne and Paul Cartman
Elizabeth and Mac Cathies
Kathi and Rick Cohen
Amal and Gregory Dalack
Kevin Dangoor
Lynn Dòrio and Theresa Gratsch
Robbi Duda and Larry Junck
Jill and David Esau
Tina and Dan Ezekiel
Sara and Michael Frank
Joyce and Steve Gerber
Beth German and Martin Garber
Nancy and Steve Goldstein
Kathryn Goodson and John Hieftje
Heidi and Joseph Hart
Paula and Will Hathaway
Jane and Dan Hayes
Carolynn and Jim Hayman
Kathryn Jacobi
     In honor of Irene and Larry Jacobi
Kristen and Bradley Johnson
Lisa and Brian Kelley
Mabelle and Jim Kirk
Valerie Kivelson and Timothy Hofer
Laura and Jim Kosteva
Josie and Brian Kuehn
Anne and Harvey Leo
Betty and Dr. Len Lofstrom
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Teresa McMahon
Thomas Meadows
Gayle and Michael Michelon
Tammie Nahra and Lee Hollander
     In honor of Madeline and Max
Deanne and Eli Neiburger
Jeffrey Ogden and Shifrah Nenner
Renee Nilan
Arthur S. Nusbaum
     In memory of Barbara and Irving Nusbaum
Billie Ochberg and Sandro Cinti
Susan and Mark Orringer
Miriam Perry
Susan Pollay
Linda and Roger Rayle
     In memory of Lenny Kafka
Jaime Reichlmayr
Cathy and Scott Reisfield
Emily and John Salvette
Kimm and Michael Sarosi
Rosalyn Sarver and Stephen Rosenblum
Maya Savarino
     In memory of Stephanie Lord
Melisa Schuster and Tim Donahue
John Scudder and Regan Knapp
Roni and Max Shtein
Carissa and Taylor Smith
Katherine Spindler
Jeff Spindler
Anna Stefanopoulou and James Freudenberg
Suzanne Tainter and Kenneth Boyer
Margaret Talburtt and Jim Peggs
Mary and George Tewksbury
Jane and Paul Thielking
Jane and Nigel Thompson
Barbara and John Tucker
Carrie Urrutia and Tom Gibney
Colleen Vance and William Price
Deborah and Mike Weber
Jacki and David Weisman
Julie Wheaton
Daniela Wittman and Jonathan Cohn
Stella and Pete Wixom

SUPPORTER | $100 – $249

Jim Abbott
Michelle and Vic Adamo
John Adams
Thomas Adams
The Carcassi Family
Becky and Rick Altschuler
Chad Anderson
Katie and David Andrea
Lori and David Antonetti
Becky and Dennis Arend
Mary and Nicholas Avrakotos
Christie and John U. Bacon
Lynn Baldwin and Tim McIntyre
John Balint
John Ballard
Laurie and Jeffrey Barnett
Sheri Belcher and Todd Tribble
Max Berenstein
Chris and Herb Black
Betsy and Steve Bloom
Tori Booker and Robert Langdon
Victoria Botek and William Edwards
Kathryn Bradbury
Candace and Eric Bramson
Deb and Jim Brucker
Jennifer and Don Bruey
Bill Burgard
Susan and David Burke
Meg Burke
Nancy Burns
John Burnside
Stephanie Buttrey and Andy Overmire
Ilene Calfin and Michael Jorissen
Nancy Campbell
Nancy and Alex Cao
Christopher Carey
A. Craig Cattell
     In memory of Albert J. Cattell
Janine and William Chey
Joanna Chulick
Shannon Clements
Shell and Don Cody
Rebecca Coleman
Amy and Ken Colton
Christine Comer
Joanna Connelly
Jack Conner
Susan and Arnold Coran
Judy and Joe Cox
Ann Crane
Karen Crawford and Bill Welch
William M. Crawforth
     In memory of Beth Silver
Jackie Creager
Kevin Cross
Susan Cutler and Jeff Fessler
Norma and Peter Davis
Todd DeBruin
The Dechert Family
Shawn Delp
Annemarie and Paul Dolan
Karen and Stuart Downing
Patty Dubin
     In Memory of Howard Dubin and Kathy Dubin Flynn
Christine Eccleston
Jay Ellis
Jessica and Kevin Erley
Ben Szymanski and Rachel Eyler
Stern Family Fund
Ruthellen and Rich Fein
Nancy Firestone and Marty Forchheimer
Penny and Ken Fischer
Mary Ellen Flaherty and Laurence Ho
Stephanie and Tim Freeth
Lucia and Doug Freeth
Robyn Frey and Lawrence King
Marcia and Leon Friedman
Osnat and Greg Gafni-Pappas
Mark Gasche
Christine Gilman
Joseph Golden
     In Memory of Cindy Golden
Lee Gorman and Mark Ritz
Mary Sue Grant
Natalie and Lonnie Grantham
Mary and Jerry Gray
Elizabeth and Richard Greeley
Linda and Richard Greene
Linda and Mel Grieshaber
June and David Griffenhagen
Daniel Grossman and Daniel Rubens
Ann and Steve Guttman
Babette and Randy Ten Haken
Keith Harder
Jan and Dave Hartmann
Kathy and Douglas Heady
Katy and Woody Held
Gloria Helfand and Harvey Michaels
Paula Hencken and George Collins
Pam and Bill Henry
David Hensler
Debbie and Norman Herbert
     In Honor of Marvin Parnes
Bob A. Higgins
Barbara and Dan Hoffman
Thomas Hogarth
Jeri S. Hollister and Tom Bray
Jan Muhleman and Thomas Hollyer
Kay Holsinger and Douglas C. Wood
Meredith Holtz
Dancing Dr. Bob Hopkins
Catherine and Andrew Horning
Carol and Ken Hovey
Gordon White and Connie Huber
Steven Hull
Mike Hurwitch
Gregg Iddings
Brianna Jackson
Kerin A. Jones
Barb Kafka
Mary Kalmes and Larry Friedman
David Key
Edie Kieffer
Chelle Kilmury and Carl Abrego
Marie Knoerl and Andrew Morrill
Spencer Koch
Rosalie and Ron Koenig
Lisa Kohn
Elaine and Mark Kopka
Lois and Ken Kramer
Robert Krasny
George Kruszewski
Andrew Lammers
Mike LaVaque-Manty
Angela and Phillip Lenhardt
Shoshannah Lenski
Carol Lessure and Jon Engelbert
Nancy Lewis
Janet and Philip Lineer
Patrick Little
Katherine Liu
Anne Lyke and Mark Fitzgerald
Daniel MacKillop
Marcia Major and Bill Burnham
Alex Malloure
Nancy and Phillip Margolis
Fran and Irwin Martin
Terri and Greg Maxwell
Megan and Kyle Mazurek
Susan McClanahan and William Zimmerman
Jill McDonough and Greg Merriman
Timothy F. Richards and Constance S. McGuire
Michael McIntyre
Mary McKinley
Todd McKinney
Madelyn and Dan McMurtrie
Patrick McSweeny
Miriam Meisler
Kathy and Bert Moberg
Natalie and Harry Mobley
Mary Morgan
Robert Mowry
Donna Mullins
Amy Nixon
Ryan Noel
Glenina and Michael Nolte
Kyle O’Connor
Bryant Osikowicz
Beverly Ostrowiecki and Raymond Siciak
Beth and Todd Pascoe
Joan Penner-Hahn
Kim Peoples
Martine Perreault and Tim Chupp and Family
Mary Ann and Robert Pierce
Margaret and Mark Pieroni
Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Beth and Lou Quillen
Bill Quinlan
David Radtke
Diana Raimi and John Dryden
Margaret Randolph
Michael Reade
Robert Regan
Emily Reid
Tami Remington
Truly Render
Sally and Bruce Richardson
Ann Riddell
Chuck Ritsema
Lori Roddy
Ricardo Rodriguiz
Daniel Romanchik
Susan and Sam Romano
Anthony Rosenzweig
Andrew Ross
Suzy and Jim Royce
Mary Lou and Steve Rudner
Deb Rummel
Susan and Jay Sandweiss
Lucille and Jose Santiago
Norma and Dick Sarns
Lisa and Howard Saulles
Helga and Jochen Schacht
Suzanne Schluederberg and John Lesko, Jr.
Paul and Krista Schulte
Janet Shatusky
Jean and Thomas Shope
Sandy and Dick Simon
Rhonda and Donald Sizemore
Marie, Larry, and Elliot Sklar
Donna and Stuart Snyder
Janet Starr
Heather Steenrod
Alena and Ray Stocking
Bobbie Stoermer
Thomas Stoll
     In Honor of Juli Pinsak
Margaret Sudekum
Sandy Talbott and Mark Lindley
Carly Tarr
Denise Thal and David Scobey
Madeline and Steve Thiry
Jerrold Thompson
Hitomi Tonomura
Linda Tubbs
Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips
Vickie and Richard Van House
Garth Van’t Hul
Diane and Amiram Vinokur
Katherine and Martin Vloet
Cam Vozar
Shelia and Dave Waterhouse
Susan and Doug Weber
Lisa and James Weidenbach
Lois Weisman
Stefani and Steven Weiss
Kathy White
Barbara Wilson Foster
Mark Wine
Isabelle Winer
Noel and Chris Winkler
Victoria Wirtala
Charlotte Wolfe
Pam and Bill Wood
Kathy York and Scott Masten
Jennifer and Ronald Ziegler

FAN | $50 – $99

Ruth Addis and Marj Schloff
Susan and Douglas Agnew
Sassa and Jan Akervall
Juleen Ambrose
Sharif Anani
Carolyn Autrey-Hunley
Karen Barron
Renee Baumunk
Lisa and Tim Bell
Jack Benson
Martha Birkhold
Lorrin Blair
Mara Bollard
Renee Brennan
Russell Brewster
Jacqui Brisbois
Emily Brower
Nancy Brucken
Linda Brzezinski
Chris Burke
Carly L. Campbell
Lynette Clemetson
Joyce and William Connett
Antonio Cooper
Richard Cooper
Chelsea and Jesse Cox
Gabriela Cruz and Ulrich Scheven
Kate Curry
Ann Curtis
AJ Davidson
Stuart Davis
Melinda Dendrinos
Melissa Devereaux
Karen and David Dickenson
Heidi and John Dodson
Heather and Stuart Dombey
Elizabeth and Michael Drake
Joyce and James Driscoll
Natalia Dussán
Brian Dziubinski
Angela Ebreo
Orna and Josh Ehrlich
Ann S. Epstein
Jim Essenmacher
Connor Esterwood
Susan Fensore
Sara and Bill Fink
Megan Flynn
Ilana and Ari Gafni
Sandra Gidi
David Gilbertson
Ashley Gilleo
Rebecca S. Gillespie
James Gilmore
Michelle Goci
Anita and Al Goldstein
Pamela Gorelow
Victoria Green and Matthew Toschlog
Linda Grekin
Steven Hankins
Amanda Harmon
Jane Harris
Michael Hartwell
Jeff Irwin
Barbara Israel and Richard Pipan
Jenny Jacka
Rogene Jacquette
Jill Johnson and Andrew Powers
Theresa and Steve Johnston
Lisa and David Joseph
Trish Joyce and Steve Slack
Omkar Karthikeyan
Michelle and Michael Kaucheck
Linda Kidder and Christopher C. Wolfe
Aaron King and Carrie McClintock
Shira and Steven Klein
Katherine Klosterman
Vicki Kondelik
Steve Krebs
Janna Kryscynski
Dr. Veena Kulkarni-Rankin and Mike Rankin
Robert LaJeunesse
Barbara Lamar and Terry Adams
David Lay
Yves Le Pottier
Sonia Leung
Elizabeth Levesque
Bernice Lindke
Barry Lonik
Elise Luddy
Mary and Lawrence Machacek
Meera and Sri
Katherine Malville-Shipan and Charles Shipan
Rod Marsh
Kathy Marx
Lisa and Tom McKarns
Lee Mellinger
Sarah and Nick Miller
Sonal Hope Mithani and Jeffrey Morenoff
Jane Monto and Benjamin Taub
Marie Moreland
Natalia Munoz
Marie and Daniel Neaton
Isabel Nelson
David Nelson
Sharon and Chuck Newman
Ellie Noble
Gloria and Rick O’Neill
Lyndia Oudeh
Therese Pasquesi
Ellen Patton
Deborah Paul-McDonald and Kevin McDonald
David Post
Kirsten Reddy
Margaret Reid
Charlie Reischl
Alyson Robbins and Robert Oliver
Meera and Matthew Ronfeldt
Rex Roof
Nikki Rosen
Celia Ross
Julie Rumble
Marge and Glen Rutila
Karyn and David Sager
Terry Samuels
Anne Marie Sastry and Christian Lastoskie
Barbara and Daniel Schrauben
Alicia and Joe Schuster
Kimberly Scott and Oni Werth
Judy and John Seldin
Rena Seltzer and Pam Shore
Mary Margaret Serpento
Carol and Patrick Sherry
Sarai Brachman Shoup and David Shoup
Courtney Showalter
Barbara and Steven Shumer
Brad Silvester
Michael Singer
Megann and Will Smith
Tim Smith
Susan and Robert Soderstrom
Ted St. Antoine
Matthew Steward
Susan and Matt Stoney
Jennifer Stoyenoff
Erin Stratos
Marlena Studer
Dari Stuhl and Robert Werner
Joyce Sweeney
Denise Tanguay
Eileen Thacker
Renee Turissini
Esther Ullman and Morley Witus
Kristin and Willem Van Reesema
Jennifer Vega
     In Honor of Richard Dishman
Kim Waldo
Marty Walker and Mark Hauptschein
Mara Werner
Suzy Wienckowski and David Gordon
Jane and Brian Wilson
Bob and Barbara Wittersheim
Tanya and Will Wright
Andrew Yahkind
Marc Yesowitz
Marcia Yockey
Linda Yohn and William Labedzki
Lorna Young Hildebrandt
Wendy Zellers
Nora Zorich