Elisabeth Pixley-Fink

Sunday, June 16 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage

Genres: Folk, Indie Rock, Folk Pop

Michigan-based multi-instrumentalist Elisabeth Pixley-Fink brings her distinctive indie folk back to A2SF this summer. Her music is powered by a deep well of passion, resulting in an expressive combination of graceful folk and foot-tapping indie rock. Both heartbreaking and heart-making, her songs bring to mind warm summer evenings spent around the fire with your best friends. Born and raised in Kalamazoo by a family of music-makers, Pixley-Fink also has musical ties to Portland, OR and Mexico City. Her upcoming full-length album Heartskin, recorded on tape in Detroit and Kalamazoo, pairs delicate emotion-focused folk sensibility with bratty garage rock. Don’t miss the chance to experience Pixley-Fink’s music for yourself at Top of the Park!