Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective

June 21 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

Genres: Ukulele Folk, Blues Rock, Pop Rock, Play-Along

Ann Arbor’s Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective is a proudly intergenerational group, sharing instruments, knowledge, kindness, and talent across eras. Tonight, bring your uke and join the collective in celebration of Make Music Day Ann Arbor! Download sheet music for the two songs you’ll play with the group at the end of their set.

Old Time Rock & Roll

All You Need is Love

Encompassing all styles, genres, and levels of ability, Brain Plasticity Ukulele Collective includes members ranging in age from 35-85 and has been performing together live for seven years. Instruments you might hear in the music of the collective include not only ukuleles but also guitar, flute, percussion, harmonica, accordion, mandolin, mandola, bass, piano, and melodica. The group is inspired by the idea that music cuts across diverse cognitive capabilities and resources, including numeracy, language, and space perception. Love, community, enjoyment, and laughter are the heart and soul of their endeavor, furthering the imagination of their collective possibilities and wonderment. By taking chances, trying something new, and sharing in the power of music, the Collective believes that anyone can: “Drop a brain bomb. Fire up the synapses. Rewire some neurons and strum into cognition. Why don’t you pick up a uke? We did.” Everyone is welcome, and all are encouraged to dance along. The Collective is currently recording their second album of original material.




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