Shake Steady

June 10 at 8:30PM | Rackham Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

GENRE: Funk, Soul

Asking for some rousing deep funk and heavy soul? Ypsilanti-based Shake Steady have heard the call and bring their invigorating take on classic funk and psychedelic soul back to A2SF this summer. With their modern-day approach to the forward-thinking soul music of the 1960s and 1970s, Shake Steady performs a mix of original and cover songs that quickly fills the dance floor everywhere they perform. A joyful party of good times and good vibes, audiences can expect to hear everything from Jimi Hendrix and the Clash to Sly Stone, Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, and more! Shake Steady continues their festive, danceable live tradition with Alec Cooper on saxophones, Ryan Dolan on trumpet, Andy Filisko on guitar, Shana Byas on drums, Sean Ike on vocals and noisemakers, and Steve Barker on bass and keys



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