Kara Kaufmann

Sunday, June 23 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage

Genres: Pop, Kids, Children’s Music

Children’s musician Kara Kaufmann brings her family-friendly fare to A2SF for the first time this summer! Kaufmann combines catchy melodies with fun yet informative content to craft piano-based pop songs that resonate with fans of all ages. Her music is perfect for families who want to be entertained while also providing learning experiences for their children. Most recently, she has recorded three EPs of dinosaur tunes inspired by her own children’s love of these ancient creatures: Dino Lullabies, Dino Ditties, and Dino Friends Swim. Kaufmann’s passion for pairing engaging, kid-friendly lyrics with pleasantly calming piano tunes shines through in all her performances, whether she’s charming young minds at bookstores and story times or entertaining big crowds at summer festivals like our own Top of the Park. Don’t miss her prehistoric piano-based pop this summer, sure to bring plenty of enjoyably peaceful vibes alongside an enchanting experience for kids and their parents alike.

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