Chris DuPont

June 22 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

GENRE: Acoustic, Pop

Michigan native tunesmith Chris DuPont steers the classic eloquence and lyricism of ‘70s Americana into the iridescent haze of dream pop. With effortless guitar work, an ear for the cinematic, and vulnerable yet intense live performances, DuPont has grown a dedicated following in the Midwest and beyond. After years spent refining his craft on his albums Outlier (hailed by music critics as a “life-affirming devastator”) and Live in A2 (an award-winning love letter to Southeast Michigan), DuPont’s latest release is Floodplains, his most captivating and unflinching work yet. Self-described as his pandemic passion project, the music that emerged is a sonic journey through dream-states, lineage, personal upheaval, and re-grounding. DuPont couldn’t be more ready to return to the stage and present these songs as they were intended to be heard, live at A2SF this summer.




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