June 9 at 7PM | Rackham Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

GENRE: R&B, Soul

Written, produced, and performed by Detroit artist Kaylan Waterman, the music of Vespre is shimmering neo-soul, all twilight grooves and lush vibes. Translating as “late evening or “evensong,” the name “Vespre” nods at these themes, a reflection that her music is meant to represent the moments that stand between night and day. Synths, samples, and floating vocals create a soulful, romantic atmosphere, bringing to mind Sade, Annie Lennox, and modern electronica in equal measure. A bold force pursuing her own creative vision, Vespre is at once a musical exploration of the ethereal and an examination of the artist’s roots. Her latest release is “things we want to know,” a moody yet soothing R&B track about love in a time of quarantine and war. Experience the celestial soulgaze sound of Vespre live at A2SF this summer.  



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