CANCELED: The Shake Ups (Kidsrock)

June 11 at 7PM | Rackham Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

Genres: Pop, Kids, Children’s Music

6/11 Update: Due to the continued rain, The Shake Ups (Kids Rock) and Lady Sunshine and the X-Band on the Rackham Stage is canceled this evening. 

The Shake Ups are an award-winning, Midwestern-based power pop band that performs songs inspired by pop culture and a variety of cartoons, both classic and new. Their ultra-fun combination of co-ed vocals, danceable hooks, and catchy melodies makes for a unique live experience that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The band has released several collections of critically acclaimed original music tributes to animated series, from Scooby Doo and Voltron to Steven Universe and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It’s little wonder that their concerts are often described as Saturday morning cartoon-fueled extravaganzas. Professional crowd pleasers and the galaxy’s most animated band, the Shake Ups bring joy to pop culture enthusiasts and families alike. Come have fun with the Shake Ups at Top of the Park this summer!






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