The Annex: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

June 24 at 5PM | The Annex

Join the Kelsey Museum and create your own woven paper fan inspired by the ancient Egyptian palm fiber fans in our collection. Life in ancient Roman Egypt was hot! Our fans from Karanis, Egypt are an example of one type of fan used in the past. Observe how the palm fiber is woven (under and over) and how some strands are painted red or black. You can create your own paper fan similar to an ancient fan by weaving colorful paper. Attach a paint stick for a convenient handle. What do you think the people of Karanis, Egypt would have thought of your fan? Does this design work well to cool you off? Can you imagine an archaeologist finding your fan in 2,000 years?

The Annex is located at Top of the Park (915 E. Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109). Link to site map.