The Annex: Dreamspace

June 15 at 5PM | The Annex

Enter the world of art & activism! Visit the Artivist Bazaar! Explore a multimodal, multisensory collaborative installation featuring pairs of Michigan artists and organizations who are pillars of intersectional justice. This special Annex activation features an interactive community dreams visioning board for our collective future centered in love, inclusion, awareness, mutual aid, and co-liberation! This is a call to unify the tribes! Love is the uniform of our (creative nonviolent) Revolution! This activation is part of Ann Arbor is Burning: A Celebration of Radical Queer Imagination. Hosted by Express Your Yes.



Terra Lockhart, Curaga
This installation piece will be located on the lawn in front of the Info Tent at Top of the Park.
Curaga is an installation by Flint artist Terra Lockhart. The work is Terra’s sculptural response to themes explored in Sabetye’s FORT PREMONITION and Supercoolwicked’s “Negro, Spiritual.” Both performances explore ideas of home, safety, shelter, spiritual growth, and weaving a future from the threads of relationships and past experiences. Terra’s work reacts to the natural surroundings of Ingalls Mall, creating an organic shelter for attendees to consider their concept of home, temporary and permanent. Her design was influenced by different homes in the natural world, including shells, nests, and trees.
Lockhart, also known as Walking Graffiti, is a mixed-media artist of many mediums born and raised in Flint, MI. Her work mixes bright colors, organic shapes, objects found in nature and the surreal to build pieces that reflect the constant process of change, the connection between all living things, and preserving and protecting nature among other themes. She currently resides in a house in the woods with her partner Micah, their two cats (Maggie and Casio), and her many pet insects.