NOW Studios: Community Council

June 20 at 5PM | NOW Studios (715 N University Ave - Basement)

***LOCATION CHANGE: This event will now take place at NOW Studios at 715 N University Ave (Basement).

Join us for an evening of ritual and return, grounded in playful practices to jostle the way we intellectually think and feel about reality. This inaugural Community Council conversation aims to make a case for radical investment in de-commodied, creative-centric “neutral third spaces” and a pilot program to fund 27 Cultural Ambassadors (Civic Flitters if you’re indigo hip) which would include a guaranteed basic income, “A UBI To Live Your Why.”  Let’s drop below the surface together into the vast interconnected web where we are one entangled quantum soup, in contact with aliens & ancestors, ourselves and each other. We’ll conclude the evening with Community Flow–a collaborative improvisational music dance art sacred play creative bop jam, no experience necessary. This forum discussion is part of Ann Arbor is Burning: A Celebration of Radical Queer Imagination. Hosted by Express Your Yes.