KidZone: Computer Science for Early Elementary Kids • Books, Songs and Activities with Julie Darling

Friday, June 28 at 5pm | KidZone

Booksweet and AAPS school librarian/author Julie Darling have teamed up to bring fun activities to the KidZone tent, designed to support STEAM learning in celebration of Julie’s new book Social-Emotional Learning Using Makerspaces and Passion Projects, and her forthcoming titles, Little Computer Scientists, Little Hackers and Supporting the Development of Computer Science Concepts in Early Childhood: A Practical Guide for Parents and Educators. Join Julie and illustrator D.J. Cools for a live, sneak preview reading of Little Computer Scientists and Little Hackers, followed by songs and activities from the guidebook. Leave knowing how to write your name in “secret code” using binary, create a cipher to send secret messages, and some debugging and cybersecurity vocabulary.


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