June 15 at 7PM | Rackham Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

Genres: House, Soul, R&B, Indie, Electronic

A2SF welcomes SABETYE, the electronic music/DJ project of Detroit-born saylem mississippi celeste (they/themme), a place-based Transformative Justice Practitioner who utilizes art, facilitation, and sound for collective liberation and healing. As SABETYE (Suh-Bet-Tea), they create an experiential listening environment that offers an intentional space for healing and freedom. At A2SF, they will be performing FORT PREMONITION, an experimental blend of sounds that are an homage to particular moments in time when celeste leaned on sonic healing for  solace, inspiration, and guidance. Described as an ephemeral container of care, rest, resilience, and home space, FORT PREMONITION charts celeste’s journey toward becoming a disc jockey, quilter, anti-capitalist, womanist, friend, lover, family member, and other roles in which they express facets of joy and love. This iteration of FORT PREMONITION is not to be missed, as SABETYE will be joined by friends for an experience that utilizes live vocalists, dance, electronic sound collage, DJing, original music, visual stimuli, and accessible/interactive elements to invoke a collective experience of expression and joy. This performance is presented as part of Ann Arbor is Burning: A Celebration of Radical Queer Imagination. Hosted by Express Your Yes.


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