Retreat: Huron Valley Aikikai

June 9 at 5:30PM | Power Center Lawn

All human beings are designed to move, and our neuromuscular systems come “programmed” with specific instructions for how to do that. These instructions are rooted in our development as infants and originally got us from lying on the floor to rolling over, crawling, and ultimately walking upright and doing all the other things humans can naturally do.¬†Over time, for any number of reasons (e.g., general lack of movement, sedentary lifestyle, and even “over training” movements specific to sports or other physical disciplines), these original movement patterns can weaken, compromising our ability to move and function as we had before. However, just as you can often fix an issue with a malfunctioning computer by rebooting it, it is possible to “reset” your original “operating system” to restore these movement patterns.

Original Strength Resets are a system of gentle and simple movements that reactivate or reinforce our original neuromuscular movement patterns to help us feel and move better than we may today. And, like rebooting a wonky computer, resetting your body in this way can often begin to resolve movement issues very quickly. Join Rodger Park, Principal Instructor of Huron Valley Aikikai and the Michigan Budokan, for an introduction to these movements and a short, simple routine you can use to move and feel better any time!

Please bring your own towel or mat.