Miz Korona

Saturday, June 29 at 7PM | Rackham Stage

Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap

A2SF welcomes rapper Miz Korona, who movie fans will recognize from her role as Vanessa in the classic Detroit movie 8 Mile, acting alongside Eminem and Xzibit in one of the film’s most memorable scenes: a lunchyard rap battle at the New Center Stamping plant. Miz Korona, an illustrious figure in both the hip-hop realm and the acting world, effortlessly intertwines her love for music and performing arts. With a magnetic stage presence and poignant lyrics, she commands attention with her unique blend of charisma and raw talent. A Detroit native through and through, Miz Korona emerged from the underground scene to become a prominent voice in hip-hop. Known for her fierce delivery and masterful wordplay, Miz Korona continues to inspire audiences worldwide with her infectious energy and unwavering dedication to her craft. Through her powerful music and captivating performances, she leaves an enduring imprint on both hip-hop fans and entertainment as a whole. Her latest release is “Hate At Your Own Risk,” a tribute to J Dilla with hard hitting lyrics, a jazzy bass line, and soulful drums reminiscent of Dilla’s Detroit swing. Don’t miss her electrifying presence live on stage at Top of the Park this summer!

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