Kuwento Mizik

June 18 at 6PM | O&W Grove Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

GENRE: Contemporary Classical

Classical crossover duo Kuwento Mizik, composed of baritone Jean Bernard Cerin and pianist Veena K. Kulkarni-Rankin, fuses classical and world music with storytelling to create transformative concert experiences. With Indian-Filipino-American and Haitian backgrounds, the duo explores music and stories from all over the world, synthesizing a broad cultural heritage with Western classical training for an expansive, global sound. Kuwento Mizik fosters intercultural appreciation with colorful, inclusive, evocative performances featuring themes of nature, magic, and history. Their name is also a perfect encapsulation of who they are: Kuwento is Filipino for “story” and Mizik is Haitian Creole for “music.” They frequently collaborate with percussionist John Churchville and have performed at the Detroit Institute of Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Their first album, Lua Nova, will be released this summer. A2SF audiences can expect a thrilling cross-cultural experience when the duo performs this summer. 




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