Jade Nicole

June 18 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

Genres: R&B, Singer-Songwriter

R&B artist Jade Nicole brings their soulful talents to A2SF this summer. Nicole has been performing with various bands and musical projects in the Detroit area for the past year and a half, earning a reputation as a versatile and talented background singer all while honing their vocal stylings even further. Drawing upon classic R&B and modern influences alike, they have become known for their ability to interpret and arrange popular songs in fresh, invigorating ways. In addition to their work as a background singer, Nicole is also in the process of releasing their first single and writing their debut EP, a showcase of their original material which will serve to establish them as a solo artist in their own right. With their powerful voice, undeniable dedication, and passion for music, Nicole is sure to make a lasting impression on the R&B scene. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch Jade Nicole sharing their expressive skills live on stage this summer!




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