Aspen Jacobsen

June 11 at 5PM | O&W Grove Stage - Top of the Park (Ingalls Mall)

Genres: Folk, Americana, Country Pop

18-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist Aspen Jacobsen returns to A2SF this summer on the heels of the release of her first full-length album, Arsonist Daughter. Born and raised in Commerce, Michigan, Jacobsen decamped to Los Angeles after graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy’s High School to further her craft as a singer-songwriter at the University of Southern California’s Popular Music Program. Performing since the age of nine, Jacobsen makes music that is rooted in Americana, encompassing folk, blues, and pop. Her style recalls Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco in equal measure. The award-winning artist is a compassionate, thought-provoking lyricist with a natural gift for connecting with her audience through her emotive voice and reflective lyrics. Two critically acclaimed recordings are already under her belt, but Jacobsen’s first full-length album takes her to a new level. Eleven impassioned country-folk tunes encapsulate the expression “wise beyond her years.” Jacobsen’s striking voice, skill and comfort with her instrument, and heartfelt performance is sure to inspire a strong emotional exchange with audiences who come to see her live this summer.




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