Art Installation – Jackie Blue

June 14-30 | The Annex
Stop by the Annex any night at Top of the Park to enjoy a crocheted art installation from local artist Jackie Blue.


From the artist:
Hanging on my ceiling are two crocheted tapestries. I created these pieces to decorate my bedroom and to bring me joy every night while I fall asleep and every morning when I wake up. They are so familiar to me now and I strongly associate them with the comfort of my Ann Arbor bedroom.
As I am preparing to embark on my life outside of Michigan, I chose to translate these two tapestries into two much bigger works for my whole city to see. The palette and texture of these two triangular tapestries parallel the ones hanging in my bedroom along with their aerial installation. With gratitude to Top of the Park for giving me this opportunity, I now want you, my beautiful city, to look up at this textile installation and share my same feelings of joy and comfort.
 Jackie Blue


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