A2SF Official Afterparty feat. Henry Chow & Adia

Friday, June 9 at 10PM | Rabbit Hole by Root (210 S 1st Street)

Get ready to fall down the Rabbit Hole and immerse yourself in the ultimate after-party experience! Join us for Ann Arbor Summer Festivals’ Official Afterparty Series, taking place over 5 nights in June at our newest nightclub and cocktail bar located at 210 S 1st Street.

Follow the green lights and let us take you on a journey like no other, where herbal and root-infused cocktails, absinthe, and other delicious concoctions await. And with Krazieye Productions collaborating with us, we’re bringing in top-notch DJs from NYC, LA, Chicago, and Detroit to keep the party going long after A2SF ends.

Don’t let the festivities come to an end, come fall down the Rabbit Hole with us and dance the night away!

There will be limited pre-sale tickets to purchase so purchase now! 21+

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About Henry Chow: The Texas born and raised, now Brooklyn based, Henry Chow’s musical journey has long-lasted over the span of 20 years. An avid vinyl collector, Chow pushes timeless House and Techno to the forefront. His time as a talent buyer, curator, promoter under the Crossroads brand hosted one of Texas’ longest running dance parties, bringing to town some of the best talent from around the world. Chow’s experience as a DJ has also earned him international gigs and many across the US at venues such as The End Up (SF), Good Room (NY), Flash (DC), Public Records (NY) to name a few. Production wise, Chow landed his first EP on Marco Carola’s seminal Zenit imprint back in 2003. Along the way came original music and remixes released on labels such as Thoughtless Music, Harmonious Discord, G-Force, and Abiotic. In Brooklyn, Chow’s influence is continuously heard through the underground outfit named Mizz Softee. Constantly reuniting new and classic sounds, Henry’s music keep dance floors captivated and moved all night long. https://ra.co/dj/henrychow | https://linktr.ee/henrychow 

About Adia: Creative storytelling at the hands of a minstrel; willing to share sensuality, nostalgia, trust, peculiarity and divergence from any “plan” at any given moment. Let music liberate. 

Adia invites music to dance. The vessel that creates inertia on the dance floor is an equal participant. Taking the attention off the DJ at center stage, Adia creates a space for bleeding hearts, uninhibited lust, and captive attention through her sound. Heady, emotive, and funky-yet-serious sounds trend the sets she plays. 

Adia has engaged crowds from the average dive bar scene to the sweaty-walled clubs in urban centers. The constant, however, is the intrigue that is maintained with her music no matter the tempo. 

What began with a heavy Bedrock influence in 2003 has progressed to slower tempo, juicy sounds that echo Wolf + Lamb, Ghostly, and Deep Data, to name a few. Adia tells a story through music mixing analog and digital soundscapes to form a unique project. She’s not one that began a music career by playing an instrument or tinkering with dad’s band gear; curious about the intricacy of electronic music drew her in to want to touch it. Each set she shares is a fragment of life and includes a curiosity that might make the listener uncomfortable as she provokes one to explore unfamiliar expressions of emotions. 

Adia does not have expectations of anyone’s experience, including her own, but has indulged in her craft to watch the music dance. https://soundcloud.com/detroitadia


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